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Điện Biên is a border province in the Northwest mountainous region of Vietnam. There are 21 ethnic groups living in Dien Bien and Thai ethnic group makes up the majority with approximately 40 %. Along with Thai ethnic group, Kinh people (the ethnic majority Vietnamese) inhabit in the plain regions, while the highlands are the home to many of ethnic minority groups such as H'mong, Kho Mu, Xa Phang, Dao, Muong,...

While Dien Bien Phu city located inside the Muong Thanh valley is getting more and more developed, but the area surrounding is largely rural and undeveloped. The local people still live a difficult life. That's why many NGO organizations are now working in Dien Bien with an attempt to solve this problem. However, Dien Bien's politics and security could be confusing for outsiders, in particular due to its geographic location, being a mountainous province, bordered by Lai Chau, Son La provinces to the east and south, China to the north and Laos to the west.

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