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Dien Bien Phu is well-known all over  the world for its historical victory of Vietnamese People to resist against the French Colonists. Beside information written on books, there are many interesting things should be explored about imposingly picturesque nature of a mountainous region and hospitable local people with traditional culture deeply imbued with its national identity.

You are thinking about traveling to Dien Bien Phu. You long to have a relaxing trip fulled of unique experiences instead of sightseeing only. We, Dien Bien Friendly Trip, are here to help you.

Dien Bien Friendly Trip is a brand new office, belonging to Northwest tourism development research center under the business license No 62A8: 001 5917/HKD.

Located in the center of the Dien Bien Phu city, our office is close to many historic sights such as A1 hill, Dien Bien Phu cemetery, Dien Bien Phu war museum. Especially, we offer our clients not only sightseeing tour but also homestay services with which you can immerse in local people daily life, get new experience in cooking and enjoying cuisine with local ethnic minority people. 

Furthermore, we will give you flexible options on staying with local family, going to market and preparing meals yourselves, or learning some traditional dishes from ethnic people. You can discover the city yourselves with our bicycles, motorbikes, or cars and drivers who will guide you to a bit further places as you wish.

Especially, if you have a plan to set up a project in Dien Bien province, we are willing to help you with necessary information, administration procedures, accommodation, and transportation. 

Travel is getting easier and more convenient. However, a question is how to radically utilise your short - time trip to experience and enjoy specialities and the beauty of the place where we are going to. It will be marvellous if you have a local guide who knows Dien Bien thoroughly. Just choose us and we will accompany you.

For further information, please contact us via: 

Tel: 02303 838 255

Hotline: (+84) 911 35 55 77

Email: dienbientrip@gmail.com

Website: dienbienfriendlytrip.com

Bank account details:

Account name: Đinh Thị Kim Oanh
Account number: 36010000298748
Bank name: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam - Branch Dien Bien 
Swift code: BIDVVNVX


Our tours are just a suggestion, we are happy to listen from your wishes and hope to bring you with the best that we can.


Thanks for your care!

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