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10 Things to Master in Google Analytics – Do you know them? digital marketing google

So you want to Master Google Analytics? Where should you begin? In this video, weโ€™re going to give you the road map and let you know the 10 essential things you need to master to become an efficient Google Analytics user. These will cover how to measure data in GA, analyse that data to get insights and many more concepts you need to be aware of if you want to master Google Analytics

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0:00 – Introduction
01:07 – #1 Measuring Data
01:45 – #2 Processing Data
02:33 – #3 Metrics & Dimensions
03:22 – #4 Data Exploration & Analysis
04:07 – #5 Custom Segments
05:01 – #6 RegEx
06:07 – #7 Custom Reports
06:38 – #8 Customization
07:34 – #9 Correlation
08:35 – #10 Taking Action

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10 Things to Master in Google Analytics - Do you know them?

10 Things to Master in Google Analytics – Do you know them?

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10 Things to Master in Google Analytics – Do you know them?
digital marketing google
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47 thoughts on “10 Things to Master in Google Analytics – Do you know them? digital marketing google”

  1. Hello, I am facing a tricky thing in GA. I would like to check the rating and reviews from Woocommerce (the data is already in the data layer) but I have no idea how to access it in Goggle Analytics. Could you help me ?

  2. Hey,

    your video is much helpful and also your way of explaining is good as well. Thanks a lot for keep updating us in Digital Marketing/Web Analytics Tactics.

    Looking for more videos from you in the coming days.

    As your videos are too worthful and helpful for us in Digital marketing world.


    A little recommendation I will do from my side to those who are looking or thinking to gain knowledge in Web Analytics or complete Digital Marketing Course.


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  3. This question is regarding the behavior flow. I have a user that has his "landing page" different from his "starting page" how is that possible and what is the difference between a landing page and a starting page? please give me one example. I really can't find a satisfactory answer anywhere.

  4. nice job taking 1:10 to say nothing important at all.. why is every youtuber so obsessed with saying garbage at the beginning of their videos instead of getting into it right away.

  5. I have one problem. I had two websites in my google analytics and two websites in my google search console. Only one was associated with google console. When I added the other one the first one disappeared. Then I realised this: (An Analytics property can be associated with only one site, and vice versa. Creating a new association removes the previously existing association.) Now what can I do about the one I have lost?

  6. This is the video that made me subscribe! Even though it's 2 years old now. I've used your videos to learn "how to" stuff for Tag Manager and such, but this showed you have such a "high-level" understanding of the use of these tools and what I'd call that 50,000-foot perspective that businesses need. You are very skilled at teaching complicated topics and skills very succinctly but this video also proved to me that you are very talented at pulling all those skills together to actually see the big picture, the forest not just the trees. Julian, you are GREAT at what you do. Thanks!

  7. More why and less what! By linking the views objective with your suggestions this would be a much more valuable video. As it is now it's a huge miss for me as it is too brief and compounds vast amount of knowledge in a non educational format, simply making us feel stupid and the presenter seam out of touch.

  8. This video is not helpful because you are talking hi-fi stuff man! Slow down! It would be great if you could login to a site and make the clicks, show me what you are clicking. Also, you have a good voice and a great narration. Utilize your talents man! Please redo this video again and I will subscribe it if you do.

  9. Hi, is there anyone, including Julian, who can help me see Active Campaign's campaigns in Google Analytics. Despite turning the analytics tracking on in Active Campaign my campaigns are nowhere to be spotted in Analytics Acquisition. If there's a link also to a blog or video, kindly send or any other way to address or resolve this. Its urgent.
    Also, tried talking to Active Campaign help one-on-one as well. they said its an Analytics issue.

  10. Hi mate. One week back I started AdWords campaign for one of my clients. I have set up goals in GA and exported to Adwords. I did a proper linking b/w adowrds & GA. After a week, I checked paid traffic in my GA account, it shows zero paid traffic. But I can see campaign clicks in the acquisition tab & in my AdWords account too, more than 150 clicks. Surprisingly, there was organic, direct & referral traffic data in GA. I was wondered how??. All golas are recorded. I have checked real-time users, It's working.
    I believe you can crack it. If you want any additional info. please email me.

  11. Julien could you please create a video explaining how to track goals in google analytics for the purpose of growing a community in YouTube, since we could create Paid Advertising campaigns that goes directly to YouTube Channels and specific contents?


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