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12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed | The Financial Diet financial diet

Chelsea and Lauren list 12 side hustles virtually anyone can do to make extra money. More tips to create a successful side hustle can be found here:

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12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed | The Financial Diet

12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed | The Financial Diet

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12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed | The Financial Diet
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50 thoughts on “12 Side Hustles You Can Do From Bed | The Financial Diet financial diet”

  1. I'm working in a call center industry for 5 years and wanted to apply for a home based CSR however I'm not in the US. is there anyone that can give some suggestions where to find CLIENTS that hires people outside US ?

  2. Publishing a book on Amazon sucks. I have been writting for years and people loved it (while it was free) and I got lot of feedback from tens of thousands of people. 4,8 stars average rating. But after publishing on Amazon, I didnt have a single sell, got only 1 terrible review (I am not from USA, so nobody has spend over 50$ to be able to give me reviews. Over the course of 3 months and have earned less then 6$ from people reading it for free with kindle subscription.

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  4. Good video. I figure video games are recession-proof and here to stay for a long time. People are trending on getting OUT of jobs that they hate and work for themselves. We are looking into right now. Wrapped up in a “take out delivery” style party in front of someone’s house seems like a good idea for the times. the "social distance" times. plus, they loan you the money to do it if you don’t have the cash.

  5. No one wants my old clothes. Trust me. I don't get rid of them until they're shot. Even my jeans are too far gone. Zipper breaks? Bye. Knee rips out? Fashionable still.

  6. The most effective online side hustle I've found is to get involved with focus groups. Not survey sites (I've rarely had luck with them). If you live in a metro area, you can qualify for an in-person product test or discussion. Otherwise, it's possible to be involved with online bulletin boards that last for 3 days at a time, require very little effort, and generally have a payout of $50-150 at a time. can hook you up with legitimate groups. I've gotten VISA cards, significant cash, free products worth $75+, store gift cards, and more for something that ultimately doesn't take much effort. In comparison, the suggestions here seem far too time-consuming.

    When I was a college student, I also took part in a lot of psychology studies. My most unusual was one where I earned $150 over three weeks of learning to use chopsticks by picking up marbles in increasingly difficult formations. 🙂

  7. OMG this sucked …same ol rehashed shit !! Stop making dumb clone babies that have no personality of their own.. ladies please no more babies you are killing this world !!

  8. guess her whole vids are her job, bcs she can.t have time otherwise..abd as i know as an European…there is no easy work and as it seems…tutoring English…officially paying taxes? does she pay taxes or is all she says a lie? how does she get a perm. visa? it.s impossible in orher countries for Europeans and no one who does not room for free. as acutie at her new guys place …it is a nightmare! i know dozens of such girls!

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  10. So apparently tutoring somebody in a topic you have a degree for but aren’t using is a good side hustle? Why the fuck did you study for 4 years to gain a degree you haven’t used, terrible life advice…. None of these are side hustles that are 5-10 hrs a week of work. The secret to being rich is working more than anyone else you know, so 50-70 hours a week, that’ll get you rich, but you’ll have nothing else to show for it because you’re always working.

    “Use that degree you just have lying around gathering dust”, fuck me…..

  11. I tried online surveys and you can’t make $10 in 3 hours online with those… it’s not an actual side hustle unless there is a way to trick the surveying algorithms

  12. I started my side hussle two years ago and invested a lot of time and energy to launch my photography workshops. In my first year I grossed $7-8k and now in my second year I grossed $17k not bad, right? Now I get to fret over dealing with my upcoming taxes next April, yeah LOL jus kidding no not really 😉

  13. I have watched several of these videos by now. My question is always the same: how do these "side hustles" work tax-wise? I have registered to translation/writing websites and at least in my country in order to do many of these you actually have to, tax-wise, open activity as "freelancer" , and the taxes you pay make it really not worth it unless you do it as a full-time job. Plus if you happen to have a job already can you even register your activity as a freelancer? How can you get profit from these side hustles after taxes? Is this a "U.S. only" thing?

  14. A solid side hustle for me is I have three part time easy jobs. I make extra 1400 dollars a month by working extra on the weekends moonlighting as a Security guard working in a warehouse house off hours all I do is hourly rounds and guard the facility I am the only one in the facility. I bring my iPad and watch movies in between. I work for two different security companies on the weekends. My third part time I teach three hour drug education class on Saturday morning and make extra 450 dollars per month. For me its simply to have solid stress free part time job so you know what your income will be. I am on a four year debt free journey to payoff my mortgage in four years. The key is to find solid stress free part time job with consist income jobs that's a no brainer.

  15. I consign crocheted purses and jewelry in a dozen different local shops. Such as convenience stores, general stores, gift shops, craft stores, clothing stores and regular consignment shops. Some shops take all of their products to craft shows as well.

    I'm disabled and fairly bedridden. I crochet in bed. My boyfriend delivers and picks up. Never have to deal with customers. No specific deadlines.

  16. Consigning in a local shop is a lot less work than trying to sell online. Online, you have to take pictures, write descriptions, answer emails, go to the post office, deal with returns. With consignment, you just drop off and cash out when you pick up. Don't waste your time.

  17. This all depends upon your tax bracket. If you earn more, you're taxed more, which defeats the purpose.

    If you don't want to work more, learn to go without and spend more time taking good care of the things you have so that you don't have to repurchase. Try a studio apartment close to work.

    For example, my minimal wardrobe, kitchenware and furniture are more than 25 years old. Everything I have is still like new, because I took the time to take good care of everything I own.

    I worked part-time throughout my entire career. Saved lots of money. Comfortably retired.

    Up until now, I just didn't realize that minimalism was a special way to live life. I really enjoyed my time off. Freedom is everything.

  18. You can do this from the bed ( I know cause thats how I usually do it ) I make over 50 bucks daily from this and I only "work" on this for like 1-2hrs a day. You can check it out here: GotBizOpp. com 🌗🌗

  19. i feel like a lot of comments are somewhat misinformed as to what a side hustle is. no youre not gonna make a ton of money from any of these unless you go full time basically- if you put 40 hrs a week into something yeah youll get results! but if you only have 1 hrs a wekk you can STILL have a side hustle because a side hustle is just extra money. i currently have a side hustle that makes me like $15 a month. is that gonna turn into a vacation or pay for any major expense? no, but it covers my hulu subscription and thats all i use for tv so it covers my home entertainment nicely. there were a couple youtubers that arent huge and they make about $50 a month for their ads. a side hustle can be a little money or a lot- with my job the hours fluxuate, so in the slow months i can put more effort into side hustles. dont be so harsh just because you cant make $500 sitting in bed and noodling on the computer for an hour. anything that makes you money requires a bit of effort

  20. Thread UP is NOT a place to sell your clothing especially reliably. They strive to give you pennies on the dollar for your clothing and its a gamble if they'll take what you want. If they don't want it/take it they give it to Africa not back to you. If they do take it you don't get much for it I heard a story of a woman who sent in items that were worth thousands and got $10 for her whole lot she was furious. Also you might not want to buy either as their inspection of the clothing you buy can be sent out to you soiled with blood, human body stains, tares, ect they don't catch everything especially in the crotch and armpits of clothing.  Also a shop online is a full time job especially Etsy there isn't a set it and forget it with that.

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