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Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food e technology in the aid of farmers

Are GMOs bad for your health? Or is this fear unfounded?

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#What is natural:

GM insulin:

Genetic engineering for thousands of years:


# Are GMOs bad for your health
GMOs and gene flow:

terminator seeds:

Plants that are destined to be eaten are evaluated by different agencies

GMOs are safe– various studies and reports by respected authorities:
National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine:

An overview of the last 10 years of genetically engineered crop safety research:

Letter of 110 Nobel laureates vouching for GMOs:


Various others:

Bt crops:

herbicide-resistant crops:

# What good GMOs can do

Bt eggplants:

Gm papaya:

# Look in the crystal ball:

drought-resistant crops:

plants that produce more nutrients:

vitamin-fortified banana:

nitrogen-fixing crops:

Chestnut tree:

Potential for landsparing:

# Further reading:

Bt cotton in India:

Article on popular science:

Blog series on GMOs:

Ecomodernist manifesto:

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Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food .

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Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food

Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food

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Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food
e technology in the aid of farmers
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47 thoughts on “Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food e technology in the aid of farmers”

  1. legit we could solve climate change with trees that convert the carbon buildup (when they split carbon from o2) into waste that comes out to maybe even protect the tree from harsh cold and also basicly, a super tree that helps climate change, a whole slew of plants that are made so they only kill pests and not pollenaters, and we could even geneticly modify bee larve / bees to have ways of defending themself against the parasites, basicly, we could convert the world to normal, or as normal as we can get it

  2. A pimenta cria um venono que arde tudo,o cacal mata vários animais, um suco de sei lá o que mata insetos mas não mata humanos, café mata insetos mas os humanos só fica ligadão, as maconha é pá deixa tudo que comer as folhas dela doidona e o cara fas o que??? CHERA E FUMA !!!!! ……… ;-; o que cara das com o café bebe o que o cara fas??? Come pimenta……….;-;

  3. this is the worse one of these i have seen! You did not do enough research at all! and the implications are all around you. Look into gut health and the microbiome , the reason we so so much intolerance of gluten today is because of gmos and bad breeding! wheat now produces 30-40 % more yield but the trade off is an even higher level per capita . the intolerance is linked to the increasing amounts in our diets. Be carful to build your prefect machine for you do not know all the ramifications!

  4. it would be cool if you did a video explaining things like mother wheat. its a 100% non-GMO wheat that people who are celiac (gluten free for medical reasons) can eat without any adverse effects (before anyone tries to debate, i have seen this first hand. like in person. for real.) and this is due to gm foods having like 6x the amount of chromosomes (and we all know what happens to a person with just 1 more) its quite fascinating watching people who have nut allergies that should kill them eating nuts like its nothing.

  5. There is just no way to answer the question, "Are GMOs bad for you?".
    Its like asking, "Is science bad for your health?". No! Well… yes, if the purpose for developing the science is to make profit, regardless of the damage it does. And of course, we can't play god and not expect the unexpected. As Michael Crichton pointed out in "Jurassic Park"…..

  6. 11 million pounds of food per day? For nearly 8 billion people? I eat at least a pound per day myself, but if that fact is correct, I vastly overeat constantly.

  7. For me because of cost and complications I don’t bother with non GMO but prefer non GMO if at possible. I don’t like GMO that is not using the same genes. If you use apple genes but introduce jelly fish genes to prevent browning in totally agains that

  8. At 7:56, it is stated that the world consumes 11million pounds of food everyday. I know this video was made in 2017 when the population was a bit smaller, but assuming just 7 billion people, that means each person would consume a little over 1/1000th of a pound of food everyday. For reference, a 16oz bottle of water weighs roughly a pound so 1/1000th of this is hardly any food whatsoever…. Seems incorrect

  9. It will just be an excuse to continue our unhealthy lifestyle. Every single achievement, invention humans has made has a negative effect along with the positive side

  10. If the trait to repel pestesites spreads to other plants and crops it could destroy the ecosystem at it's core. Am I wrong? just a thougt i came up with.

  11. Imagine making a plant with an array of things good for us – vitamins and the like – that tasted like, say, chocolate or sweets. It would be incredible for young children who refused to eat the things good for them, and would mean much more people were much healthier.

  12. En si yo creo que se deben regular su uso ya que si en bien tiene usos buenos, sabemos muy bien que muchas empresas lo aprovecharan no de buena manera tal vez económicamente hablando si pero éticamente solo pensaran en sus intereses propios el glifosato un herbicida que mata a todas las malas hiervas lo que no te dice es que también mata a los demás cultivos pero no te preocupes monsato dueño del glifosato tiene la patente de un maíz resistente a este, lo que pasa es que la seguridad alimentara no se debe poner en las manos de las empresas que solo buscan lucrar.
    "Desaprovechamos las veces que podemos mejorar."

  13. I call BS ohn a lot of this. Don't ye know glyphosate is part of several law suits for harming humen health. It should have been banned years ago. I liked this channel but it looks like you are just another sellout.

    GM crops are not the way fiorward. Look into permaculture! Saving the biosphere means people need to make their own food, which takes a lot longer and a lot of love to make compared to going into a supermarket. We have no way of knowning if theree are any unintended consequences of GM crops and the use of unnatural chamicals like fertilisers and pesticides are the true destruction of the biosphere. An organic garden takes work and attention but it is the only solution that encourages biodiversity. Feed the soil not the plant. We just need better farming practices and science needs to stop thinking that we should unleash experimants onto the world despite their obvious outcomes. The issues we face are cuased by science. It can help get us out of it but it MUST start trying to work within tthe bounds of natureinstead of trying to bend it to it's will for convienence.

    Have you ever gopne walking on a "conventional" farm field? It's a desert under thre crop. The soil food web is the thing that keeps the planet alive. When we look after that nature rewared us. When we go against it we create dust bowls.

  14. GMO produce has literal studies showing higher levels Atrazine and lower Nutrient density, stop with this reddit rick and morty "OH WOW I BET YOU DIDNT REALISE THAT GMO IS ACTUALLY INCREDIBLY HEALTHY!!!"

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