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Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids' education | The Economist technology city

The pandemic not only disrupted education—it also thrust technology onto a sector which historically has been slow to adopt it. Will classrooms ever be the same again?

00:00 How the pandemic has affected education.
03:08 Why the education sector has been slow to adopt technology.
05:02 Technology helps children have a personalised learning experience.
07:50 How technology can help teachers
09:08 Could remote learning be here to stay?

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Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids' education | The Economist

Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids' education | The Economist

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Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids' education | The Economist
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26 thoughts on “Covid-19: how tech will transform your kids' education | The Economist technology city”

  1. The EHD simulator was absurd. All they have done is create controllable digital advertisers and hire some bloke to poorly voice four children. They haven't created a viable, scalable product yet, because they haven't actually proven the AI side could work yet.

    As of now, I'm sure there isn't a massive labour market for tech bro xbox controller holding educational psychologist voice actors, but I guess I could be proven wrong…

  2. Clear thinking parents have no problem deciding what's best for their child… More kids die from ABUSE, SUICIDE, & NEGLECT than COVID & VARIENTS. The COVID-19 Mortality rate for children 18 years & younger in America is 0.00% – 0.24% with 7 states reporting NO DEATHS.

  3. As a student I HATE remote learning. It makes me lazy, tired and bored where I used to be excited when the education was in person. My grades dropped, I wasn’t submitting assignments.

    Although this topic is very subjective, and some children may benefit from online learning, this CANNOT be the future of education.

  4. And “experts” can right anything the way the highest bidder wants them to write it. Marketing, propaganda, all for the highest bidder. Everyone has their price.m, humans are corruptible, doesn’t matter who you are, bureaucrats are not excluded…

  5. There are a lot of problems with the public education system however this is NOT the solution! All this will do is create more problems than it fixes, especially in relation to children socialising with each other, however the government already know this because this is what they want, they don't want anybody socialising and they want kids to grow up thinking it's normal to stay away from everybody, keeping them isolated even when there's no need to. There was never any need to isolate anybody but now they want to make it permanent. To all of the parents out there, remember that this is your children's lives at stake here, if you don't fight against this then it'll damage your kids forever. This was never about a virus, it's about control. Keeping people away from one another, tracking everything they do and everywhere they go, taking away your inherent human rights, trying to change future generations for the worst, the list goes on. Don't let them do this people, fight back! Tell as many people as you can what's actually going on, don't obey the "rules", don't let there be a "new normal", don't let The Great Reset happen, live your NORMAL lives! The only power they have over you is the power which you allow them to have, so don't give it to them.

  6. I started my involvement with educational technology in 1973. I was involved in the development of technology for Computer-Aided Learning (CAL) and Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) at Secondary School and University level. I have produced educational video programs for commercial companies and developed and published work on AI and expert systems. I taught at School and University level and I can assure you that there is no substitute for direct classroom/lecture room experience from both the teacher/lecturer and pupil/student point of view. I have seen the same nonsense spouted about EdTech for almost 50 years. It can provide a useful adjunct for teaching and learning but as a central resource for student/pupil education it is doomed to failure but it has a fatal fascination for people who have no expertise or experience in education but see it as a commercial opportunity.

  7. Bill Gates is entering every field that has to do with sustaining life and, for over a decade, has undermined vitality in all its forms, in an effort to seize control over and profit from it
    By funding research and financing public institutions, Gates is able to force those institutions down a path where they can only use his patented intellectual property
    While pretending to save the world through philanthropy, Gates’ solutions perpetuate and worsen the world’s problems. They may even threaten the future of humanity, as they’re driving us closer to extinction
    Through his company, Gates Ag One, Gates is pushing for one type of agriculture for the whole world, organized top, down. This includes digital farming, in which farmers are surveilled and mined for their agricultural data, which is then repackaged and sold back to them
    The answer to the environmental problems we face is not more of the very things that created the problems in the first place, which is what Gates proposes. The answer is regenerative agriculture and real food

  8. "transform your kids education"

    you mean waste even more time teaching us confusing maths equations that none of us want to or need to learn instead of giving us life skills we could use?

  9. Computers hinder learning, writing down things is essential for not only student but also teacher to affirm that the child has you know LEARNED something.

  10. I graduated as a teacher in 1995, my final dissertation was on Machine learning, where I described a system where Kids were taught in school or at home primarily through the use of some kind of supervised computer driven learning system. This allowed regular testing and if necessary the kids could be put back to the areas they were weak on. This allowed individual learning pace, challenging the able and supporting the weak. It is easy to flag to a teacher where weaknesses are and to generate reports that really reflect the students ability in a subject.
    In practical subjects simulation allowed practical lessons without the dangers of real life chemicals or tools.
    My head of department marked me down because he said it was science fiction and schools could never afford the computing power nor would teachers have the ability to use such a system. 🙁 How prophetic was I.,

  11. Dr Tess Lawrie writes to the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency after evaluating the Yellow Card data. She recommends an IMMEDIATE HALT to the vaccine program!

    …The nature and variety of ADRs reported to the Yellow Card System are consistent with the potential pathologies described in this paper and supported by other recent scientific papers on vaccine-induced harms, which are mediated through the vaccine spike protein product (2,3). It is now apparent that these products in the blood stream are toxic to humans. AN IMMEDIATE HALT TO THE VACCINATION PROGRAM IS REQUIRED whilst a full and independent safety analysis is undertaken to investigate the full extent of the harms…

    …The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the CID-19 vaccines UNSAFE FOR USE IN HUMANS.

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