How Amazon Makes Money digital marketing analytics in theory

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Amazon reported a record net income of $10.1 billion in 2018, which was a considerable jump from $3 billion in 2017. CNBC breaks down where exactly the money came from and how Amazon Web Services, advertising and the third-party marketplace are driving Amazon’s increased profitability.

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How Amazon Makes Money .

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How Amazon Makes Money
How Amazon Makes Money

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How Amazon Makes Money
digital marketing analytics in theory
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  2. I am not buying anything from Amazon anymore because of their dominant role in the US elections and the violations of free speech along with Facebook, Twitter, Closure of Pearls, etc. ! With thoughtful greetings from Denmark!

  3. They make money by screwing people over. They sold fake eclipse glasses and permanently damaged the eyes and vision of a lot of people and kids. They keep priming people that don't want to be primed until they capitulate, they don't provide the services they claim to provide after they primed you and they sell you counterfeit items and price gouge you on things like Lysol, Purell, Clorox and many other things. The Amazon will screw you over every time.

    I also don't understand people that use that Alexa or camera doorbell. They worry about privacy, then wire all these privacy invading devices right into their home allowing any government agency or sophisticated hacker to listen to their most private and intimate conversations to seeing who is coming and going, including the home owners and in some cases, into their kids bedchambers with their smart phones, tables, laptop computers and video game consoles. I am so glad my parents were not idiots and did not put these devices into my home. If I had kids, they would not have a cellular telephone, and there would be a family computer in a common area without camera and microphone. A video game console would go into a spare bedroom, without a door and the console would not have a microphone or camera either. Parents these days are either profoundly stupid or extremely naive about the dangers of letting their kids have electronic devices.

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  5. Successful people don't become that way over night. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time.

  6. 🆘 Boycott Amazon/Jeff Bezos he is in bed with the China and the liberal Democrats. Most of Amazon stuff he sells is made in China; you know the same folks that sent the United States and the world Chinese coronavirus. Send communist China a message don’t buy made in China 🇨🇳

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