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Two and a Half Men | Charlie Chelsea and Mia

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A jingle writer’s free-wheeling life comes to a halt when his brother and nephew move into his beach house. The story features Alan Harper played by Jon Cryer, Charlie Harper played by Charlie Sheen, Jake Harper, Judith Harper, Evelyn Harper, Kandi played by April Bowlby, Lyndsey Mackelroy, their stalking neighbour Rose, Chelsea and the funny house keeper Berta.
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Jennifer Linley Taylor

For Jennifer Linley Taylor, life is art. A native of Northern California, she studied at the Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles before moving to …

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Date Published: 12/29/2021

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Jennifer Linley Taylor (@jenniferlinleytaylor) • Instagram …

468 Followers, 410 Following, 426 Posts – See Instagram photos and veos from Jennifer Linley Taylor (@jenniferlinleytaylor)

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Date Published: 7/25/2021

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Jennifer Linley Taylor | Facebook

Jennifer Linley Taylor is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Jennifer Linley Taylor and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to…

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Date Published: 11/17/2022

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Jennifer Linley Taylor (jlinleytaylor) – Profile | Pinterest

See what Jennifer Linley Taylor (jlinleytaylor) has discovered on Pinterest, the world’s biggest collection of eas.

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Date Published: 3/14/2021

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Linley Taylor – Marketing Consultant – LinkedIn

View Linley Taylor’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Linley has 3 jobs listed on their profile. … Jennifer Linley Taylor.

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Date Published: 9/19/2021

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Recalling a Painful Time in Korea’s Past – InsideSources

Albert Wilder Taylor and his wife, Mary Linley Taylor, “stood in … fight for independence,” their granddaughter, Jennifer Linley Taylor, …

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Date Published: 1/17/2022

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Century-old mansion Dilkusha turned into museum

Jennifer Linley Taylor (Albert Taylor’s granddaughter), told me her first impression of Dilkusha as she walked up the driveway was that it had …

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Date Published: 9/18/2022

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Jennifer Taylor: Infusing Farmers With The Organic Experience

The Real Organic Podcast is hosted by Dave Chapman and Linley Dixon, engineered by Brandon StCyr, and edited and produced by Jenny Prince. The …

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Date Published: 4/15/2022

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Escape to Mendocino, CA with a Romantic Package Including…

Jennifer Linley Taylor and invite you to escape to the beautiful town of Mendocino in Northern California. Their rugged…

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Date Published: 5/1/2022

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NPG x103060; Betty Linley – Portrait

Jennifer Linley Taylor. 28 October 2015, 19:57. This series of photos are of my Great Aunt Betty Linley. She was born in Malmesbury, England in 1890 as …

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Date Published: 2/16/2021

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Two and a Half Men | Charlie Chelsea and Mia
Two and a Half Men | Charlie Chelsea and Mia

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Jennifer Linley Taylor

She’s something of a gatherer, collecting the salvages of her ever-changing surroundings and experiences, ultimately making sense and order of the physical, psychological, and supernatural components of her constantly expanding existence.

She gathers stampings in her cosmic passport much the same way she collects artifacts for her next collage, seeking out the experiences and people that fascinate. In fact, traveling these poles seems to create a kind of magnetic energy that always attracts the person who will catalyze her next project, her next foray into the creative realm.

You are invited to explore Jennifer’s current and past projects that span the creative disciplines, from the studio art that has garnered International honors, to her new projects in writing, music, and film.

Welcome to her world, her life, her art.

Jennifer Linley Taylor (jlinleytaylor) – Profile

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Recalling a Painful Time in Korea’s Past – InsideSources

Albert Wilder Taylor and his wife, Mary Linley Taylor, “stood in solidarity with Korea in her fight for independence,” their granddaughter, Jennifer Linley Taylor, remarked before joining Seoul officials in cutting the ribbon in a ceremony outside the mansion.

But what about the role of a part-time American journalist and his English wife in alerting the world to the ruthless repression of the movement by Japanese forces? Dedication of a restored mansion named Dilkusha, Persian for “Palace of Heart’s Delight,” where the couple had lived in Seoul revived their role in Korean history.

Memories from 1910, when Japan formally took control over Korea as a colony, to 1945, when Japan surrendered after the American atom-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, coalesce on March 1, the date of the founding in 1919 of the independence movement. On that day crowds amassed in Pagoda Park in central Seoul as an activist read a “declaration of independence” influenced by the 14-points set forth by American President Woodrow Wilson for ending World War I in Europe with emphasis on democracy and self-determination.

The Taylors’ contribution was a worldwide journalistic scoop, the first report of the Korean rebellion against Japan. Asked by the Associated Press to cover the funeral for Gojong of Korea (later Emperor Gwangmu) in Seoul on March 3, 1919, Albert Taylor, an engineer mining for gold in Korea, witnessed the protests.

In Seoul’s Severance Hospital, Albert’s wife Mary, after giving birth to their baby boy, Bruce, had been entrusted with a copy of the independence declaration by a nurse after the Japanese discovered in the same building the press that had printed it. Albert, who spoke and read Korean, found the pages hidden in her bed as he picked up baby Bruce.

“To this day,” Mary wrote in her memoir, ‘Chain of Amber,’ I aver that, as a newly fledged newspaper correspondent, he was more thrilled to find these documents than he was to find his own son and heir.” Her husband gave his report to his younger brother, William, who jammed it into the heel of his shoe and went to Tokyo to file for the AP.

The story, published by The New York Times and others, is encased under glass at the renovated Dilkusha. A marvel of intricate red brick masonry in the shadows of latter-day apartment-and-office blocks, Dilkusha might not have been considered worth saving had its one-time owner not spread the news of that historic day.

Taylor’s reporting did not end with his story on the declaration. Returning to the hospital, Taylor did not have the heart to tell Mary that “hymn-singing Christians had been cut down by swords” or that one of them “had been nailed to a cross and crucified not far from our house.” The next day, however, he did let her know that “whole villages were being set on fire” and the Japanese “had called all the Christian Koreans, of whom they were the most suspicious, into the church and… shot them down through the windows.”

By the time the anti-Japanese protests had ceased in May, according to Mary’s book, “thousands were sent to prison and an estimated 7,000 were killed, many of them prominent Korean patriots who met their death by assassination.” Of the 33 who had signed the independence declaration, “most were arrested and died in prison.”

Conversion of the mansion to a historical site culminates a campaign initiated 15 years ago by Bruce Taylor, who died in 2015, and his daughter Jennifer, visiting Seoul from her home in Mendocino, California. The job was all the more difficult since a dozen families had been occupying the mansion’s spacious rooms long after Albert and Mary Taylor were deported by the Japanese in 1942 in an elaborate exchange of American and Japanese civilians, including diplomats.

Miraculously, the mansion survived not only Japanese rule but the devastation of the Korean War, the efforts of construction magnates to replace it with another huge apartment block, and the infestation of the squatters who were living there rent-free. Just as miraculously, the Taylors, husband and wife, had managed to convey the saga of March 1, 1919, in newspaper articles on display along with dozens of historical artifacts donated by Jennifer, including the precious amber necklace that her grandfather had given her grandmother before their marriage in India in 1917.

Century-old mansion Dilkusha turned into museum

An old photograph of Dilkusha from the Seoul History Museum exhibit in 2019. / Courtesy of Seoul History Museum

By Robert Neff

Seoul’s newest museum is perched up on the hillside above Sajik Tunnel and flanked by a massive ginkgo tree in a two-story brick building known as Dilkusha. Built in 1923 by the American goldminer, businessman and journalist Albert Taylor for his wife Mary, the couple lived in the house until 1942 when they ― along with most of the Westerners living in Korea ― were deported from Korea by the Japanese.

Many people are probably unaware of the role the Taylors played in Korea’s fight for independence from the 1910-45 Japanese occupation. In her book, “Chain of Amber,” Mary recalled that on March 1, 1919, she had just given birth to her son Bruce at Severance Hospital and woke up to discover a Korean nurse hiding a bundle of papers beneath her baby. When Albert visited her and their infant son, he discovered the papers ― copies of the Korean Declaration of Independence ― which were then smuggled out of Korea in his brother’s shoe and broadcast around the world.

Side view of Dilkusha. Albert Taylor’s study where he did most of his writing is on the second floor. / Courtesy of Robert Neff

After the Taylors left Korea, Dilkusha was pretty much forgotten and neglected. Only in 2005 did its past come to light through the efforts of a Korean professor and the Taylor family. In 2015, Seoul City Government began the restoration of the building and in 2017 it was declared a national heritage site.

Jennifer Linley Taylor, granddaughter of Albert and Mary Taylor, on the first floor of Dilkusha / Courtesy of Robert Neff

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 26, 2021, acting Seoul Mayor Seo Jung-hyup declared the newly restored Dilkusha would be used as a place to teach the living history of the Taylor family as well as their role in Korea’s independence movement.

It is a lofty goal but in my opinion the house in its present state is not a representation of the living history of the Taylor family ― it is beautifully restored but it is sterile and does not breathe history. Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way.

Jennifer Linley Taylor (Albert Taylor’s granddaughter), told me her first impression of Dilkusha as she walked up the driveway was that it had been “restored to perfection, somehow almost too perfectly.” She was grateful that so much time and care had been used in its restoration.

Taylor admitted, however, that the interior was somewhat disappointing. She had donated more than 1,000 items to the museum with the expectation that they would be on display, but the exhibits on Friday were sparse and lacked “the genuine feel, heart and soul of a house museum… [which] should reflect the character of its inhabitants.”

“You want to feel like some things are frozen in time, that Albert and Mary might have just been there ― Mary’s clothes hanging in a bedroom armoire, her easel with a painting clipped in place in a corner with some art supplies. Albert’s pipe in his ashtray. His typewriter, pens and papers on his desk in his study, books on a shelf.”

The living room on the second floor / Courtesy of Robert Neff

She said, “While going from room to room, I did not feel that I really got to know Albert and Mary, or connect with the historical events surrounding their lives, their life in Dilkusha, or understand their profound relationship with Korea and her people. The thread that should tell their story from each bead on Mary’s amber chain is not present.”

Looking towards Albert Taylor’s study on the second floor / Courtesy of Robert Neff

She is correct ― there is more to the history of Dilkusha and the Taylor family than just the March First Independence Movement.

Where are the anecdotes of living in Seoul during the World Wars, the Great Depression and the Spanish Influenza? The Taylor family came to Korea at the end of the 19th century as employees of a U.S.-owned gold mining company in northern Korea ― conditions at these remote mining camps were comparable to the American Wild West. Later the Taylors started their own gold mines (the exhibit has some pictures of the last mine but doesn’t really provide much information about it).

They also had other enterprises including a curio shop which sold antiques and furniture and one of the earliest car dealerships in Korea ― their ads in newspapers were of the day large and visually appealing.

The huge ginkgo tree standing next to Dilkusha is also an important part of the house’s history yet, despite dominating the courtyard, seems overlooked. For hundreds of years before the house was built, locals revered this tree and associated it with great powers of fertility. Mothers, hoping to bear a son, would come and pray at the base of the tree and offer little sacrifices (coins) to it.

The 470-year-old gingko tree next to Dilkusha / Courtesy of Robert Neff

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony I didn’t see any coins at the base of the tree but I did see several sassy magpies flitting about in its branches and I recalled Mary had been warned that “they must never be frightened away.”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 26 / Courtesy of Robert Neff

The villagers had also tried dissuade the Taylors from building Dilkusha through physical force and the supernatural ― including a shaman who cursed the Westerners:

“The Spirit of the Place will be revenged. You will wither. Many evils will befall your family and your house will be consumed by fire!”

Mary scoffed at the superstitious beliefs, but later, after several strange incidents including a fire that destroyed the interior of Dilkusha in July 1926, she tried to appease the spirits she had apparently offended.

After the fire Mary wrote:

“Beautiful objects enrich our lives. It is not always necessary that we possess them permanently. I was grateful for what they have given me to while I had them. Such gifts can never be taken away, once they have become an intrinsic part of us ― part of our eternal selves.”

Jennifer Linley Taylor gives her remarks at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 26. / Courtesy of Robert Neff

Jennifer Taylor: Infusing Farmers With The Organic Experience

The Real Organic Podcast, Episode #040

Jennifer Taylor: Infusing Farmers With

The Organic Experience

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Charitybuzz: Escape to Mendocino, CA with a Romantic Package Including…

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NPG x103060; Betty Linley

Events of 1914 back to top

Current affairs

Art and science


Following Germany’s declaration of war on France and invasion of Belgium, Herbert Henry Asquith, the British Prime Minister, declares war on the German Empire on August 4, 1914. The popular belief that the conflict would be ‘over by Christmas’ was soon found to be a bitter underestimate of the scale of the war.The fist issue of the periodicalis published by Wyndham Lewis, announcing the advent of Vorticism. This movement, named by Ezra Pound and taking in art and poetry, combined the vitality and dynamism of Italian Futurism with the geometric structure of Cubism. Vorticism was a direct challenge to the perceived quaint and domestic style of the Bloomsbury group and Roger Fry’s Omega Workshop.On June 28th 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated in Sarajevo leading to Austria’s declaration of war against Serbia and triggering the First World War. Germany declared war on Serbia’s ally, Russia, and then marched on France via Belgium. Soon all of Europe and most of the world was embroiled in total war.

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