Tố chất của người làm Marketing I Định hướng nghề nghiệp cùng Vui Lên digital marketing có khó không

Episode 01: What is marketing? This is a series of career videos in which I will interview brothers and sisters with many years of experience in the profession. Hopefully their sharing will help you see more clearly about the professional world. Guest: Ms. Na, strategic consultant Nestle, Switzerland Watch the full talk on Marketing here … Read more

Digital Marketing: Định nghĩa, Chiến lược, cách quản lý hiệu quả & Case study thực tế. digital marketing co b?n

Are you a business owner/student/newbie in digital marketing? In this video, I cover the main core mindsets of marketing in general and digital marketing in particular. From here, you can have plans and thoughts to create an effective digital marketing campaign, you can know which channel you should focus on to develop customers to your … Read more

Digital marketing là gì? Tại sao chúng ta sử dụng Digital Marketing – Phạm Đình Quân | KTcity digital marketing có khó không

View details of Pham Dinh Quan’s Digital Marketing 101 course here: Digital Marketing is a widely known term in the digital era. Many businesses have been investing most of their budgets into this form of marketing. However, there are still many of you who do not fully understand what Digital Marketing is? And why do … Read more

Digital Marketing là gì? Định Nghĩa Về Digital Marketing digital marketing là làm gì

Do you know what Digital Marketing is? Digital Marketing is a term to describe online marketing strategies on the Internet that help connect businesses… Images related to the topic digital marketing là làm gì Search related to the topic Digital Marketing là gì? Định Nghĩa Về Digital Marketing #Digital #Marketing #là #gì #Định #Nghĩa #Về … Read more