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[FABM2] Lesson 039 – Financial Statements Analysis (Horizontal and Vertical with MS Excel) financial analysis of a company

Hi! This is Sir Chua’s Accounting Lessons PH. _________________________________________________________ FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS, AND MANAGEMENT 2 _________________________________________________________ Lesson 039 Analysis of Financial Statements 1: Horizontal and Vertical Analysis with MS Excel _________________________________________________________ Freebie: MS Excel Exercise – FS Analysis _________________________________________________________ Kevin Troy M. Chua, CPA *Certified Public Accountant, October 2014 *BS Accountancy *Master in Accountancy … Read more

Digital Marketing Analyst Excel Tips digital marketing analyst

Excel tips for Digital Marketing Analytics, includes Pivot Tables, If/Then formulas, Word Formulars, Vlookup and basic arithmetic to figure out how to work out Facebook Insights. Images related to the topic digital marketing analyst Search related to the topic Digital Marketing Analyst Excel Tips #Digital #Marketing #Analyst #Excel #Tips Digital Marketing Analyst Excel Tips digital … Read more