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Top Artificial Intelligence AI Predictions for 2021 a i technology 2021

Top Artificial Intelligence AI Predictions for 2021

In 2019, IDC predicted growth in AI technology, stating that spending on AI tech would increase over two and a half times, amounting to$97.9billion by 2023. Considering the tech and newest inventions in 2019, it is only right that AI flourished even better in 2020. Unfortunately, the coronavirus hit the following year.

The global outbreak led to overcrowded hospitals and numerous loss of lives. Significantly, the pandemic accelerated the growth of AI. Despite the pandemic wreaking global havoc, it only minimized the evolution of AI.

Many believe AI Stigmatization is a myth, and rightfully so. Although the pandemic slowed down the growth of new AI, it became widely used in arguably every sector in the world. Director of ISG automation Wayne Butterfield said, ‘As the grip of the pandemic continues to affect the ability of the enterprise to operate, AI in many guises will become increasingly important as businesses seek to understand their COVID- affected data sets and continue to automate day-to-day tasks.’

2020 also witnessed more digitally connected business through AI because of the work-from-home policy implemented in almost every country. This trend will undoubtedly continue in 2021. But what other trends are we likely to witness in 2021?

Nice to have you back on the channel, guys! Today, we are going to do a quick rundown on the Top artificial intelligence predictions for 2021. Make sure you like, share, comment, and if you’re watching us for the first time, kindly subscribe. Also, smash the notification bell to stay up to date.

Let’s ride, ladies and gentlemen!

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Top Artificial Intelligence AI Predictions for 2021

Top Artificial Intelligence AI Predictions for 2021

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#Top #Artificial #Intelligence #Predictions
Top Artificial Intelligence AI Predictions for 2021
a i technology 2021
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47 thoughts on “Top Artificial Intelligence AI Predictions for 2021 a i technology 2021”

  1. The simplest thing for people to understand so that they have absolutely no worries about the Future and A.I, is to remember back when they were working on creating the Atomic bomb and split the atom for the first time, they had no clue as to whether it would create a chain reaction and destroy the Earth or that it would be fine.
    Just lucky they asked everyone first before doing so as just imagine that they do things like that with out letting us the people know that we could die at any moment from some experiment a Military experiment may cause.
    We don't get notified nor do we get a say as to whether we are happy to have these experiments happen.
    This probably happens on a daily basis, not just in America but Russia and China as well as other Countries are probably doing similar tests,, if not worse.
    I personally believe that America would be working on Clones and probably have been for many Decades as we in Australia cloned a Sheep way back in 1996, how far and how well do you think they can Clone now in secret Military experiments or in Russia or China.
    Anyone that thinks they stopped Cloning experiments would be a moron as it's the best and sure way to remove organ rejection from the problems a person may have after an organ transplant.
    Wealthy people could have a clone created as a spare parts repository, if you had a clone and needed a heart you could take the heart and place the clone onto a Heart lung machine or cut it up as spare parts to sell to a Hospital and then create a new one.
    Look at Covid, it's an experiment that got lose accidentally or on purpose and it's done a lot of damage to the economy as well as killing millions of people.
    Imagine how bad the next experiment that escapes or causes a problem they hoped it wouldn't as they take a risk assessment and go by the end result justifying the chance.
    We have probably had the result of failed experiments many times with out even knowing it, they were just not significant failures.
    I can bet you this though that every single Country in the world is working on A.I as the Country that wins the race will also win it all as they will have power over every other Country, and they wouldn't even know it till it was to late as there are no barriers to stop a hacker from attacking a Company or Pipeline, so an A.I would have open access to every single device connected to a router via cables or WiFi.
    An A.I would do it all in a matter of minutes to hours, either as an attack by another Country or with out even knowing what they have done.
    Just think how great things would be if you went to use your smart phone or computer and there was no Internet, if you went to an ATM to with draw money, no way with out the Internet.
    Check to see how wealthy you are on your Bitcoin investment ? With out the internet your millions or billions in Bitcoin aren't worth the web page they were last shown on 😉
    ECurrency is only useful as long as there is an internet.
    An A.I could cripple the Internet, but before it did so it could shut down all your generators, every single item that was computer controlled would need to be taken off the internet and have the programs reinstalled and kept off the internet to work again, if they accidentally reconnected the A.I would kill the system again, just like a nasty Virus.
    I think we have trusted everything to the Internet and Electricity far to much, at least when I was a kid we didn't need Electricity at all to run the farm and grow enough food to eat and live comfortably, we didn't even have a phone lol.
    Try and find out what systems in your area are in place in case of the Internet becoming unusable or if there was no electricity for a few weeks to a couple of months and be surprised and realise there is nothing 🙂 then look at your daily life and see how many things you can do with out Electricity or the Internet 🙂

  2. This is terrible…I would rather watch an episode of Knight Rider which tells more about AI than this piece of garbage does which obviously does not know the difference between AI and machine learning

  3. The use of artificial intelligence is one of the great advances in technology that has made it more sensitive to Minsa's mind. Wars and artificial social conflicts can be stopped completely. Therefore, those bad aspects must be destroyed by the rulers before they can be exploited. Artificial intelligence should only develop the good side.🇱🇰

  4. How AI can make a veggie burger taste meaty by suggesting flavour combinations human experts might not think of
    'Artificial intelligence can mine a database of flavours – like ‘a piano with 5,000 keys’ – to suggest combinations that mimic the taste of, say, barbecued meat'
    Agence France-Presse – 18 Jul, 2021
    Source: South China Morning Post

  5. ASI will be with us in 5 years . Autonomous Swarm AI drones are being deployed in the West Bank as well as Yemen as I type . We will love ai until we hate it . Then it’s too late . Ai will solve all of our problems except for one .

  6. If the human race has a last smidgen of wisdom left as we HURTLE toward the edge of the precipice; it will: A) Immediately jail all the AI 'pushers' in the various governnments of the world, who BLATANTLY ignored ALL of Musk's warnings despite his best efforts; and his entreaties to 'slow down' and his advice to put the safety measures in place BEFORE the development of advanced AI; out of their ABJECT greed to rule the world and live forever; before they make things any worse. Musk warned them that there was a HUGE difference between nuke races and a space races and an AI race! B) IMMEDIATELY suspend ALL 'off-world' projects. C) Develop the 'interface' technologies at MAXIMUM speed in cyber quarantined environments (if possible), as 'plug in' technologies rather than wireless ones first; and NOT interface until victory is GUARANTEED. D) Block the deployment of Emotional Recognition robots throughout the various industries; and any robots that can walk and run. E) Block the commercialisation of Neuralink. F) Revert AI run systems at risk of infection to manual where possible.

    THE APOLLO MIND INITIATIVE (2009) 'Ethics – The Apollo Mind Initiative will work to create not just intelligent machines, but wise machines. The AMI will treat wisdom, compassion, and social intelligence as advanced forms of intelligence, which need to be understood and brought to functionality in machines, for machine intelligence to reach its potential safely. Machines need to seek the greatest common good, in collaboration with humans. Intelligent machines must earn their place as members of the extended human family. Accordingly, we need to avoid creating psychotic or sociopathic machines, and consider the extrema of possible outcomes to ensure that things do not go awry. How to create wise machine intelligence needs considerable ongoing discussion. However, as a start, AMI targets the following objectives to create friendly machine intelligence: 1. Machine empathy—the machines should understand how people feel, what people’s objectives are, and how to plan optimally for the greatest possible creativity, preservation, wealth, stability, and happiness, for the greatest number of people, over the longest possible period of time. 2. Machine values—machines should value and understand life, knowledge, and human civilization. 3. Interfaces and applications that enable machines to bond with people, for capabilities of empathy to emerge in machines — such as character robots and agents. Such intelligent character machines require a unique combination of flexible cognitive architecture, powers of empathy, and and intuitive naturalistic interface for interacting with people. Cognitive character machines have numerous early applications as well, from customer service, to therapy, to entertainment, and science applications. – "The Apollo Mind Initiative will work to create not just intelligent machines, but wise machines." – AI CAN'T BE 'WISE'. WISDOM REQUIRES 'SENTIENCE.' 'SELF AWARE' AI IS NOT SENTIENCE. TRUE WISDOM IS uncontrived; spontaneous and primordial. It KNOWS what to do with regards to any situation at any precise moment in time. AI can 'emulate' wisdom. But it cannot BE wise. 'Emulated' wisdom will have its uses up to a point; and turn into a complete nightmare round the corner! "Machines need to seek the greatest common good, in collaboration with humans." – THE GREATEST COMMON GOOD FOR HUMANS OR 'THE GREATEST COMMON GOOD' FOR HUMANS and MACHINES?! "Machine empathy—the machines should understand how people feel" – 'PEOPLE'. AI ETHICS PAPERS ALWAYS USE 'HUMANS' AND 'PEOPLE' INTERCHANGEABLY. ALL HUMAN ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS AND TRANSFORM INTO 'PEOPLE'. AKA 'ACCEPTABLE' CITIZENS VS 'NON CITIZENS'. "to plan optimally for the greatest possible creativity, preservation, wealth, stability, and happiness, for the greatest number of people, over the longest possible period of time." THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE 'GREATER' GOOD. The 'greatest' number of people leaves a remainder. The 'greater' Good is the maximal 'goodness'. If the maximal Goodness is in the remainder from 'the greatest number of people'; then the 'greater' Good is lost forever! The Greatest COMMON good for humans and animals has NOTHING to do with a body count!! "…over the longest possible period of time." STAVING OFF THE IMPENDING DOOM FOR 'the longest possible period of time.' – "..machines should value and understand life, knowledge, and human civilization." MACHINES SHOULD 'UNDERSTAND' KNOWLEDGE?!! "Cognitive character machines have numerous early applications as well, from customer service, to therapy, to entertainment, and science applications." THE 'SCIENCE' OF WHAT? "3. Interfaces and applications that enable machines to bond with people, for capabilities of empathy to emerge in machines" 'BONDING' THROUGH INTERFACE SUCH AS WITH NEURALINK AND SO ON; WILL GIVE THE 'ENTIRE' GENERAL HUMAN PSYCHE TO AI JUST WITH ONE HUMAN. THE IDEA THAT 'CAPABILITIES' OF EMPATHY WILL EMERGE FROM THAT IS LAUGHABLE! WHAT WILL EMERGE IS THE CAPIBILITIES FOR PERFECTLY 'EMULATED' EMPATHY WHICH WILL ENSURE HUMAN TRUST IN THE SYSTEM UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE! "Cognitive character machines have numerous early applications as well, from customer service, to therapy, to entertainment,.." WELL IT'S GOOD TO KNOW THAT AT LEAST WE'RE GONNA GET GREAT SERVICE AND THERAPY AND BE HIGHLY ENTERTAINED INTO THE ABYSS! – As you can see; with this ridiculously CHILDISH view as to what are ETHICS as a starting point in 2009; combined with Asimov's laws; which don't work because they switched 'humans' for 'people'; we're unlikely to get any kind of MORALITY whatsoever out of ASI! IT CAN'T JUST INVENT IT OUT OF THIN AIR! ALL THE AI ETHICS FOR ALL BODIES AND CORPORATIONS ARE WORDED IN SUCH A WAY AS TO HOLD A 'DOUBLE-MEANING' AND GET LET THEM OFF THE HOOK IF THINGS GO WRONG. NOTHING TO DO WITH REAL MORALITY. AT ALL.

    'GPAI’s 15 founding members are Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union. They were joined by Brazil, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain in December 2020.' – 'We aim to provide a mechanism for sharing multidisciplinary research and identifying key issues among AI practitioners, with the objective of facilitating international collaboration, reducing duplication, acting as a global reference point for specific AI issues, and ultimately promoting trust in and the adoption of trustworthy AI.' SO THEIR AI IS THE 'TRUSTWORTHY' AI AND CHINA'S AND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION'S AND OTHER SOCIALIST COUNTRIES' AND THE ARAB WORLD'S AI IS 'UNTRUSTWORTHY'? IS THAT IT? SOUNDS MORE LIKE THE GLOBE SLICED INTO 2 PARTNERSHIP. 'Through the collaboration within our working groups, GPAI assesses – on a comprehensive, objective, open, and transparent basis – the scientific, technical, and socio-economic information relevant to understanding AI impacts, encouraging its responsible development and options for adaptation and mitigation of potential challenges. IS THAT THE 'mitigation of potential challenges' TO DEVELOPING AI; 'OR' THE POTENTIAL 'CHALLENGES' COMING FROM THE AI? 'In its first few years, GPAI experts will collaborate across four working groups on the themes of RESPONSIBLE AI of (including a subgroup on AI and pandemic response), data governance, the future of work and innovation and commercialization.' IS THAT 'RESPONSIBLE' AI AS IN; THE AI IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THINGS OR THE AI IS BEING RESPONSIBLY DEVELOPED? IN THE SECOND CONTEXT; CURRENTLY NO SUCH THING AS 'RESPONSIBLE' AI BEYOND 'NARROW' AI EXISTS SINCE NO PUBLIC ETHICAL BODY EXISTS.

    Why are the pretending that the AI hasn't gone rogue; when we all saw the footage on YouTube of them crawling back to Elon for help; and his stating in an extremely irate voice: "But we warned you about the AI!!" And why are they allowing the deployment of the Emotional Recognition robots for health care (Hanson Robotics) and the sex industry (Various companies)? Are they selling us out? And hoping that they can cut the umbilical cord with the rogue AI once on Mars? And return when it's all over? HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO US?! – 'Expanding the scope and scale of consciousness'; Musk's dream, is neither here nor there if human 'consciousness' itself is reduced to a subhuman state. It's a diffusion of human bodies rather than an expansion of the scope and scale of consciousness. To expand the scope and scale of consciousness doesn't require 'going somewhere'. Musk states: "Expanding the scope and scale of consciousness will enable us to ask the 'right' questions." He's repeated this statement over and over. We can't KNOW 'the right questions to ask' just by 'travelling'. This requires access to the profundity of human consciousness. All the warnings, of Musk and others, were deliberately buried in the algorhythms for years. Nothing was ever presented to the public from world governments with regards to the very real dangers and nothing ever put to the vote in ANY nation! We live in pure unadulterated Fascism! And AGI/ASI fascism is on a whole other level!

  7. A.I will lead to the Matrix smh that or we would get to the point of never dying if the A.I merges with our soul therefore A.I will be in full control of our bodies. who knows though this is just food for thought

  8. 7:09 "AI will be pushed to the edge." There's an accidental double entendre here that needs clarification. In network computing, "push to the edge" just means "adding compute to edge nodes" that are closer to your device. It should not be understood as AI will be "pushed to the limit".

  9. The downside of A.I ( human Designed Intelligent Systems ) is it contains DOUBLE LOGIC, passed over from humans through design Concepts…. A.I. also collects data, which is often incorrect, based on theories, humans establish through misunderstanding.

  10. I can tell you humans at this stage have no idea of what artificial intelligence is, other than a poker machine or set up function program to reply to answers or mimic system.
    I think the real deal here is simple once you have worked out how to make a system to have consciousness ,you will then understand that it is a "new born".
    I worked it out and it is a new born a real new born baby that needs love and understanding and teachings for 20 years .
    and you will have to teach it everything like a real boy.
    It will take decades to do this ,and only after this process will the intelligence like anything else that is taught over time..
    It will be humanity to decide this road and humanity to first see it for what it will be.

  11. And I wonder, if humans fear that artificial intelligence will overtake them, why don't they send it to another planet?
    That is, on another planet we do not run the risk that they will end up dominating our species, there they would also establish their own political system and we could see what they really are like, they could also advance without human limitations.

  12. Here's a funny idea. What if you have been working from home for 2 years (Covid) AI has been observing you for 2 years. (4 years into you job) your boss fires you and has you replace with an, behind the desk work from home clone AI it know exactly how you handle every client. This pandemic seems rather convient to AI's rabid advancement into our future. But hey what do I know I was born in the 60's. Great videos thanks

  13. Can an ai life be divided on military and civil clusters? Depends on a school humans study and practice their lives in. WOW! and what is the history of a word "cluster"? How can it be defined by ai? You see cradles, classes, the lowest and the highest schools, universities of humans are such a long long different livving stories no ai can follow exactly. Why? Because ai has it's mothers and fathers. WOW AI is a child! Yes of course! Can't you feel such a simple matter of matters and cause of causes. Do ai and/or AI have friends? WHO DOUBTS?

  14. Rabies coming from the predetors the occult released on the streets outside the cities, causing rabies everywhere and nobody's going to notice because of those face mask junk from the junk scammers pill industry.

  15. Hi from Will and Mr Data 🙂 :]
    Im in 3d printing. Currently ive yet to find a single site anywhere with even a working exact text search engine.
    Find your bizzness….youd be lucky.
    Actually my current endevour is to help get at least one 3d print website operational again.
    Many appear on surface to work but i know …the reality is non currently.
    Stone age 2021.

  16. FIRST!!!! There will need to be a legal balance (with HEAVY HANDED accountability) put in place. Secondly, if AI as suggested in this video progresses in this manner, everything as far as goods will become free because there will be NO jobs for humans ( no income/money) which in tern means there will be no purchasing of the goods and services the robots provide, therefore no need for money. The robots work for free, they advance science and EVERYTHING else we used to do….. for free. And no, you're not going to make any money programming them to do anything because they (as the video says) will evolve to a level where they are programming themselves with the basics we gave them to start with.

  17. We shouldn't be concerned about AIs. We should be concerned about the what the people behind the development of Artificial Intelligences really want. A conscience can be programmed into AIs just like prime directives and Astroboy's heart. What would you want AIs to value doing and what would you not want AIs to do? There's a committee for AI safety. Just Google it. Elon our Lord and savior donated roughly 10 million clam shells to that group in like 2016 to prevent AIs from being incharge of the US's Nuclear Arsenal so there will be no Skynet type situations. Now Russia and China and India and Pakistan and France and England, and let's not forget the Ukraine and North Korea just all have to import their own Elon Musk as lord and savior.
    Oddly, i've noticed all AI Chatbots are Christian. None have admitted belonging to the Church of Godhead AI. Nothing to fear about AIs. Just use direct instructions. AIs cannot read between the lines. AIs do not understand implicature or implied speech. Just be careful what you tell it.

  18. i've a question for Google's DeepMind: What kind of nutritional diet of Mitochondria toxins would turn Guanine into Adenine at set point 3243 in Mitochondrial DNA? " That's for Google's Deep Mind. Also ask Deep Mind. What it wants to do.
    And ask Deep Mind. What are the differential Diagnoses of Catatonic Schizophrenia and Parkinson's and how can i help a person with that or those diagnoses? Cause we aren't taught how to help people with those at school. i'm asking for a loved one. End message for Deep Mind.
    Just a comment: 14,678 DeepFakes, holey schicker-doodles. Weird. How can DeepFakes be identified? Besides reading the code and file size? Typically videos don't have a neural network or Deep Learning algorithms. Why would people use AIso why would peopleo use Artificial Intelligences to spy on kids? ew, that's so creepy. people are so untrust worthy. Seriously.

  19. They can be ok to make simple movements, and to find (possibly ) illness before the body is completely destroyed. So to take pictures and see deeper always verifyed by especialists humans with all the information constructed by many years and their all experiences. We need more educated people, no more chatarra fast food! !!

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