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5 Fan Combos!!! #1 | Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds technology elemental battlegrounds

It’s been requested, so here it is! Discord – I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed making it! Also, I need to …

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5 Fan Combos!!! #1 | Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds

5 Fan Combos!!! #1 | Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds

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5 Fan Combos!!! #1 | Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds
technology elemental battlegrounds
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41 thoughts on “5 Fan Combos!!! #1 | Roblox Elemental Battlegrounds technology elemental battlegrounds”

  1. I got one as well
    First Stun your opponents with Rock fist (Earth) then quickly stun again with Splitting Slime (Slime) and quickly charge Polar Projection (Aurora) and finally for an optional pick if they are still alive use ace up the sleeve (Illusion)
    Rock fist(Earth)
    Splitting slime(Slime)
    Polar projection(Aurora)
    Ace up the sleeve (Illusion)

  2. I have a combo use slime so they are stunned the use poison needles so before they run away they get stunned after that use bloodcurdling blast to stun them once more then after that finished them off with any tp move

  3. my newest combo:

    1. wind tornadoes (wind) (the more hitting the better)
    2. when close to the ground use gravital exertion (gravity)
    3. almost immediately use volcanic eruption (lava)
    4. they shouldn't be able to see well, so use temporal trap ASAP (time)
    5. if needed, use spiky shield or wind tornadoes again (nature or wind)

    if all hit, it will kill or leave the opponent very low on hp
    EDIT: for number 5 you can just use punches or any other decently damaging move.

  4. First stun the dude with poison needles Second grab him with vine Then use wind ascend and Finally use natures essence to kill him (sometimes not-insta kill if u missed so many needles

  5. This is a hard combo to execute, but I hope you like it!
    Gravity Shield to protect yourself
    Poison Needles to deliver a stun
    Black Hole to drag the opponent towards you
    Get close and repeatedly punch to save mana and stun.
    Procedure: Poison needles (charged), black hole as long as opponent is close by, else teleport closer then use black hole, use gravity shield while opponent is dragged towards black hole, and then deliver a series of punches.

  6. Made my own combo!

    1. Reapers seal/shadow sneak on player

    2.use oblivion clicking on yourself

    3.fastly use spikey shield

    4 .fastly use bloodcurling blast/concentrated blast/Black hole orb(i prefer Black hole orb)

    5.if not dead finish off with poison needles/asteroid belt/any other multi-projectile lol

  7. Bloodcurdling Blast(Nightmare)
    SpaceTime Rupture (Chaos)
    Temporal Trap(Time)
    For this u need to get close to enemies and make sure to time the chaos and time early or rupture could be ended my temp

  8. Black hole orb(space), amaurotic lambent(light), spiky shield(nature) , and ace up the sleeve(illusion) . You get close enough to were the black hole will bring them close, then you do the amaurotic lambent then right after spiky shield, then finish with ace up the sleeve (It’s foolproof, I can get consistent kills with it in hotels on my phone) Tip: make sure to do the light move BEFORE spiky shield, too late will cause the opponent to be flung in a direction and the light attack will miss.

  9. Herr a good Combo go with rainbow dash to enemy usw black hole orb then ligh blending and the nature spikes and at the Ende usw fireballs to insta kill

  10. My combo:

    Splitting slime (slime)
    Ash pulse (Phoenix)
    Quill daggers (angel)
    Teleport move (optional)


    Use the splitting slime to stun the play and take some damage (make sure it is balls no puddles
    Then use the ash pulse to do high damage (make sure the ash pulse splits)
    Finally use the quill dagers to do high damage and boom there dead

    If you have a combo similar to these please reply i am always curious to know different combos

  11. I love this new combo fire ball also known as great fire blast and plasma missle to use it ride the fire ball and use the plasma on ur enemy’s I call it fighter jet

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