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Wall Street Greed: Financial Crises Since 3500 BCE (CC) financial documentary

Notes for Economics
In this video, we explore the the history of 19th-century thought and apply it to an analysis financial crises from Sumerian times to the present age. The take-away is that these economic booms and busts have continued to occur and reoccur over the millenia. Therefore, to sketch the profound changes of economic cycles we turn to some of the more esoteric economic thought to explore the subject in the context of multi-millenial Cultural and Empire Cycles all the way down to the more conventional Business Cycle.
To accomplish this task, we review the economic, social, political, and cultural thoughts of polymaths such as Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Johann von Goethe, John Ruskin, Benjamin Diraeli, Rudolf Steiner, and others and incorporate their own words into our in-depth discussion. Through this approach, we demonstrate that in respect to the most recent economic crisis, 1. This time is NOT different, and 2. These cycles of multiple interweaving lengths extend back throughout human history as far as we can measure.

WARNING: This is an esoteric approach to the understanding of economic cycles. First, we explore the economic thought and observations of a group of polymaths from the past and present centuries. Then, we apply their ideas to trace the rise and fall of economies at the level of Empire Cycles down to the more mundane but shorter Business Cycle. .

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Wall Street Greed: Financial Crises Since 3500 BCE (CC)

Wall Street Greed: Financial Crises Since 3500 BCE (CC)

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Wall Street Greed: Financial Crises Since 3500 BCE (CC)
financial documentary
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20 thoughts on “Wall Street Greed: Financial Crises Since 3500 BCE (CC) financial documentary”

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  2. This video doesn't explain why we have occultists running the economy…and this video just promotes anarchy and materialism…all the "explanations" are nothing more than mere justification for explaining the rise and fall of the economies of nations without saying God and, just saying that these are natural cycles which are a time of the age…

  3. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

    ― Nikola Tesla

    Added: "Read my diaries and realize that I'm a pedophile!"
    ― John Maynard Keynes

  4. You get an F. Your account of 1930-1933 completely leaves out GREEDY and CAPITALIST FEAR as Communists began to lead more and more protests against Wall Street. Labor drove the market down in the first half of 1932. Only the violent disbanding of the Bonus Army did the market rise in 1932. Why don't you build a model based on Capitalist Greed turning to Fear as Labor gets angry, and really angry and demands changes.

  5. Promised to go through all documented history of crises but really skimped over most of history. Nevertheless, I got some useful information from this, thanks!

    One of the most relevant recent crises was the 1920/21 recession which could have been much worse than the "Great Depression" if powers that be would have used their Keynesian intervention methods (mostly pumping money in the economy). Importantly, Keynesians dominate the economics field at present time, hence all the QE nonsense that has indebted all developed economies and their constituents (taxpayers) for generations to come.

    This will come down, and the longer it comes, the closer to the ground. I urge everyone to research into assets that will not diminish in value over time. And no, cash isn't one of them.

  6. Overall, I enjoyed the video, but the conclusions are wrong. Really? 'The market corrects themselves…eventually.'

    You did not name one market correction that did not require government intervention. Not only that, the markets consistently were controlled by thieves and the neo-phyte investors whether through their own greed or through being naive were consistently taken advantage of in each market crisis.

    The other important item is that no market changed at the higher ups until the people were in so much pain through poverty and being deprived of their wealth that unless they starved to death or rebelled there were no changes to the higher ups until again, the government had to intervene to pacify the people or risk losing their country.

    I still enjoyed the video, buuuuuut the conclusions? We must have been watching a different video. lol…


  7. The 2008 recession was WORSE than the Great Depression. IF one considers that the arrow of empire is to amass assets, the recession was to primarily skim property owners. We can only expect worse.

  8. At the 1:20:45 mark, I had this incredible epiphany. The who, and why was answered. However, the what will happen after this bubble crashes is still a mystery. It should be obvious that the Yelens' and Bart Chiltons' of the world are the messengers and enablers of this epic bubble–I would love to know who they are working for, so that we can see the insidious plan.

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